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Can I still insure my adult children if they are in college and don’t have their own health insurance yet?

Without health insurance, even a mild illness can seriously disrupt your finances. Facing large medical expenses can even cause people to forego necessary medical treatment because they do not have the money. 

At The Washwick Agency, we understand how confusing health insurance can be. There have been many changes in the last several years, and you need the best and most current information to keep your Bethlehem, NH family safe and healthy.

Are There Already Other Minor Children On Your Health Insurance Policy?

For most families, there is no extra charge for having no matter how many children are on the plan. A family plan with one child costs the same as a plan with ten children. When there are already minor children covered under the policy, it makes sense to keep young adult children on. 

However, if the adult children are the only ones left, it may be less expensive to let them get their own plans. Some employers only pay for your part of the insurance, A young adult who isn’t working full-time yet is probably eligible for a subsidy.

You Can Continue To Insure an Adult Child Until the Age of 26

Keeping your children on your plan may seem like the safest thing to do. If your children are on your policy, you know they have protection in case of illness or injury.

You still need to think about whether it is the best option. If your child is going to college in another state, they may not have access to the right providers.

We Are Here To Help

If you have questions about health insurance in the Bethlehem, NH area, please call The Washwick Agency today so we can look at your current coverage and help you understand your options.

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