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Is motorcycle insurance required in New Hampshire?

For most riders in Bethlehem, NH, motorcycle insurance isn’t required by law. New Hampshire motorcyclists should still be aware of its benefits and their legal obligations in an accident. There are also some situations when the state government or a bank does require this form of coverage.

State Requirements

The Granite State expects people to prove that they’re insured if they’ve committed serious vehicle-related crimes in the past. Examples include driving recklessly more than once or driving while intoxicated. The same goes for leaving an accident scene without taking the necessary steps. You can find out if you must have coverage by looking at your Driver Record Report.

Did you take out a loan to buy your bike? If so, you may be required to have motorcycle coverage. Many lenders require it because they want to make sure you can still repay the loan after a serious accident. Check your loan documents to see what type of insurance you need.


If you cause a motorcycle accident in New Hampshire, you are responsible for reimbursing other motorists’ losses. Your assets could be seized, and you might lose your license if you can’t do so. Adequate insurance shields you from most of these risks and burdens.


Insurance also protects you from losses related to things like fire, single-vehicle crashes, and motorcycle theft. Keep in mind that you’ll need comprehensive coverage to qualify for some of these benefits. Even if nothing bad happens, you’ll experience greater peace of mind whenever you ride your bike.

Consult With Us

If you’d like to start enjoying the benefits of motorcycle insurance, turn to The Washwick Agency. We offer dependable coverage at competitive rates to residents in the greater Bethlehem, NH region. To request a quote or learn more about our insurance services, reach out to us today at The Washwick Agency. 

Cause of Motorcycle Accidents and Safety Tips

There are many different causes of motorcycle accidents in Bethlehem, NH. Damage to your bike and injuries to yourself and others cost money. The Washwick Agency offers motorcycle insurance that covers collision and comprehensive policies that pay for repairs or replacement of your bike.

We have coverage for medical expenses when you collide with an uninsured driver or underinsured driver. Our motorcycle insurance offers roadside assistance and custom part assistance. In New Hampshire, motorcycle insurance is required to register your bike. Give us a call to learn more.

Cause of Motorcycle Accidents In New Hampshire 

Four-way traffic stops and left turns have proved to be one of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents. Distracted drivers on cell phones, talking to other passengers, and using entertainment features will cause you to have accidents. Larger vehicles coming into your lane or merging often cause accidents.

Accidents are caused by harsh weather, obstructions in the road, oil spills, lane splitting, speeding, drug and alcohol, and mechanical problems with the bike. These are the major causes of motorcycle accidents that can happen when you are driving.  

Safety Tips For Motorcycle Drivers 

New Hampshire DMV offers a Motorcycle Training Program at nine locations throughout the state. It runs from April to October. They have a basic, intermediate, and experienced rider course. Students should be 18 years and older to take the course. They will teach you safe driving techniques and all the rules of the road. Those that pass the course will get a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license. 

Check your bike before going for a ride. Be sure your tires have enough air; your brakes are working, and the oil and fluids in the bike are full. Wear protective gear to protect yourself from a fall or accident. A helmet can spare you a concussion if an accident occurs. Long pants and shirts protect you from cuts and scrapes on your body.

 Learn how to ride your motorcycle and manage it. Practice will make your ride enjoyable and safe. Planning is the key to accident prevention. Pay attention to the road and drive defensively, watching other vehicles. 

Never take unnecessary risks like speeding, lane splitting, weaving in and out of traffic, and leave space between you and other vehicles. Do not go through red lights and stop signs. Respect the rules of the road.

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Call us at The Washwick Agency in Bethlehem, NH to learn more about our motorcycle insurance policies and the right one for you. 

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