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Medicare Services

Schedule Your Open Enrollment Appointment Here! 

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Medicare Open Enrollment for 2023 is here!

What is Open Enrollment?

  • You can join, switch or drop a Medicare Advantage Plan or a. Medicare drug plan during this Open Enrollment. Period each year. January 1, 2023 is the new effective date.

Here is the Medicare & You Handbook Link for 2023: Medicare and You Handbook for 2023  (click here)

Do I need to do anything?

  • No, you do not need to do anything during the Medicare Open Enrollment period if you like your current Medicare Advantage plan, as long as it continues to be offered the following year.
  • Yes, you will need to book an appointment if you do not like your current Medicare Advantage plan or if your plan is being discontinued and you need a replacement for January 1, 2023.
  • Open Enrollment does not apply for Supplemental plans. You can change your Supplemental plan at any time throughout the year.

My situation has changed from 2022; while I am happy with my plan, would it be a good idea to have an appointment?

  • Comparing your plan options each year is a good idea since plans often change their benefits, cost-sharing, premiums, and provider networks yearly. By comparing your current plan to others available in your area, you can confirm that your plan is still the best plan for you.

Does Open Enrollment Apply to my Part D, Prescription Drug Plan?

  • Yes. Open enrollment period (annually) for Part D
  • You can make changes to your Medicare coverage including your Part D prescription drug plan during this Annual Open Enrollment Period. Outside of this period you can only make changes to your plan if you have a qualifying event.

Do I Need an Appointment for my Part D, Prescription plan?

  • No. If your situation hasn't changed and you are happy with your Prescription Drug Part D plan, then we will not be making appointments for Part D Prescription Drug plans this year. We can provide you with a review and options to make changes if requested.
  • Yes. If your situation has drastically changed, your coverage area has changed, and your situation warrants an appointment.

A Scope of Appointment is REQUIRED prior to your Appointment.

What is a Scope of Appointment?

The Medicare Scope of Appointment is a form that Medicare beneficiaries must complete designating, before their appointment with an agent, which items they wish to discuss. In other words, this form is how you tell your agent which insurance products they can present to you.

How Do I Complete a Scope of Appointment?

The Medicare Scope of Appointment form lists several products you can give your agent at #TeamWashwick permission to talk with you about. These include:

  • Stand-alone Part D Drug plans
  • Medicare Advantage plans (Part C)
  • Dental/Vision and Hearing Plans (DVH)
  • Hospital Indemnity products
  • Medicare supplement plans.

You will place a check in the box next to the items you permit to discuss. Then you'll sign below where it says, "Beneficiary Signature." (You are the Medicare beneficiary).

Your agent must turn this form in with any enrollment form you complete for Part D or Part C (Advantage Plan).

Click here for Scope of Appointment

We must have signed prior to appointment.

How do I schedule an Appointment?

Click Here to Schedule Your 2023 Open Enrollment Appointment Online?

  • Call 631-369-0888 and speak with our Team!
  • Book now, as space is limited & appointment book quickly!

Please be aware ALL calls for Telephone Appointments that involve Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription plans #Teamwashwick is required for 2023 to record the call.

*Note we book in-person appointments in our Office @ 860 East Main Street, Riverhead, on Wednesdays.*

Don't hesitate to email us at

Happy Open Enrollment!


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