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Will RV insurance cover the repair of my RVs fridge?

RV insurance, like auto insurance, covers many different areas. Of course, no two RV insurance companies are exactly alike. Understanding what’s covered by your RV insurance will vary from company to company. The Washwick Agency team knows that understanding what’s covered can be confusing. We’re committed to helping Bethlehem, NH area RV owners understand what’s covered and what’s not. 

What is RV insurance?

RV insurance is similar to auto insurance in that it can provide liability protection as well as collision and comprehensive protection depending on the particular type of coverage you invest in. Any motorized RV must legally be covered by a liability insurance policy. Any additional form of coverage can be chosen according to the owners’ preferences or other requirements. RV owners can invest in coverage for the repair of their RV if it’s damaged in an accident, as well as coverage for theft, some natural disasters, and vandalism. 

Will RV insurance cover the repair of my RV’s fridge?

No. RV insurance won’t cover your RV’s appliances as well as many other things associated with your RV, including your generator. However, RV warranty coverage can cover your appliances as well as other items and issues that aren’t covered by a typical RV insurance policy. Typically, your appliances are warranted, and extended manufacturer warranty is often an option as well. Like car insurance, RV insurance typically covers theft, vandalism, some natural disasters, damage from wrecks and other circumstances, windshield damage, non-moving accidents and more. However, appliances and other items often aren’t a part of what is covered by an insurance policy.

We Are Here To Help

If you have questions about RV insurance, call us at The Washwick Agency. We can explore your options in the greater Bethlehem, NH area and discuss your unique needs and preferences. We’re standing by. 

How Much Insurance Coverage Does Your RV Need?

RV travel has become a popular option in the U.S., with a broad range of amenities that make the freedom and privacy of this mode of transportation preferable over others. However, your RV needs insurance just like your other vehicles, and you may be unfamiliar with what is covered under these policies. At The Washwick Agency in Bethlehem, NH, we can answer your questions about the right RV insurance for your vehicle.

What RV Coverage Is Mandatory?

RV insurance is similar to auto insurance policies in that each state may set its own requirements on how much liability coverage you must have. Because RVs are often quite large, they can cause significant damage to other vehicles and property in an accident. You may wish to have more liability coverage than your state requires in case you are ever sued for damages caused by your RV.

What Other Coverage Options Are Available?

Collision coverage will help defray the costs of repair to your vehicle in case of an accident. Similarly, comprehensive coverage protects you from the expenses from damaging events that may not be covered under your standard policy. Coverage for uninsured drivers is another coverage option that can help to save you money in case of an accident. You may want roadside assistance coverage or additional coverage for expensive electronics that are kept in your RV. Your agent can help you choose the coverage that best suits your needs.

Choose Us For Your RV Insurance

If this is your first RV, you may have many questions about how much insurance you need and whether you need special types of coverage. We can provide detailed answers from experienced insurance professionals. Contact The Washwick Agency in Bethlehem, NH today for a no-obligation quote on RV insurance to protect you as you enjoy your RV travel.

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