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Group Health Insurance in Long Island, Riverhead, Jericho, NY, Lincoln, Bethlehem, Littleton, NH

Group Health Insurance – Benefits Package Review

Small business health insurance can be confusing and nerve-racking. We are here to make sense of this for you! When you’re a small business owner your employees are vital to your business. Often, they wear many hats and do the jobs of several employees. You know they are looking for health insurance and want to be competitive with other employers. In fact, health insurance is often one of the most requested benefits and even the benefit that attracts employees in the first place. #TeamWashwick is ready to help you keep your employees happy & healthy. We are ready to assist you in being competitive in today’s hiring market.

Small Business Health Insurance – Benefits Package Review

Contact us today to schedule a no-cost Benefits Package review. During your Benefits Package review, we will evaluate your group coverage needs and compare available plans. Once you make a selection, we will provide you & your employees with enrollment assistance.

For Health Insurance- you can request a copy of our Group Health Insurance Plan Tool Packet, which is offered complimentary. This tool includes provider lookups, network, benefits, and rates for popular plans within the State of New York. (Outside of New York plans are age-rated and we are unable to create a Packet).

Affordable Small Business Health Insurance

Getting coverage through a small business health insurance plan can be more affordable than buying coverage by yourself. Here is what you need to know:

  • Coverage is typically guaranteed issue
  • At least one employee is needed to qualify
  • You will need to contribute toward employee premiums
  • You can shop any time of the year for coverage
  • Quotes can be requested from different carriers
  • Different levels of coverage are available

Insurance For Small Business in Jericho, Riverhead, Long Island, NY, Bethlehem, Lincoln, & Littleton, NH


Small Business Health Insurance in Littleton, Lincoln, Bethlehem, NH, Long Island, Riverhead, Jericho, NYFinding the Right Small Business Health Insurance

Your Employee Benefits Package can fit in your budget. Let us know how many employees you would like to cover, your business state, and how much you would like to contribute. Or let us know what your budget is and we can go from there. Either way, your Employee Benefit Package specialists are ready to work for you. Providing Small Business health insurance, additional options, and more.

We represent a diverse number of group health insurance carriers so we can offer a range of options to our business clients.