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Let #TeamWashwick find you the right dental insurance plan for you! Dental insurance may seem out of reach. But #TeamWashwick, in conjunction with the Peconic Bay Business Association (PBBA), brings competitive dental insurance plans to customers Nationwide, including in the New York areas of Riverhead, Jericho, Hicksville, Plainville, Long Island, NY, and the surrounding areas.

Dental insurance plans allow individuals and their families to get the dental help they need both for regular check-ups and to take care of any emergency and dental care that arises. While many individuals and families are eligible for dental plans, small business owners and independent workers may need alternative dental insurance options. #TeamWashwick helps many individuals find the right dental insurance plans with Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. And for businesses that need dental insurance plans as part of their group health benefits, the Washwick Agency can find the right group dental plans as a stand-alone benefit or combined with other group benefits.

Affordable Dental Insurance Plans

Since 1979, #TeamWashwick has led finding systems that help businesses and individuals find competitive dental insurance plans. #TeamWashwick works in creative ways bringing insurance once thought of as out of reach to many individuals. Call #TeamWashwick, and they’ll go to work to find you the right dental insurance plans in New York, Florida, Maine, Texas, and Nationwide.


Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance plans pay a portion of dental care costs. Most dental offices have a fee schedule, and dental insurance pays a portion of these costs. Often participants can call beforehand to find the costs before proceeding with any dental work.

Indemnity Dental Insurance Plans – This plan pays a percentage of dental services according to its plan pay schedule. Some people choose this plan when their preferred dentist does not participate in a dental network. Reviewing information before starting any dental is highly recommended, including co-payment requirements, waiting periods, stated deductible, annual limitations, graduated percentage scales that are based on the type of procedure and length of time you have owned the policy

Dental Health Managed Organizations (DHMO) – While this plan may differ according to provider, a DHMO insurance plan is generally when a dentist has a contract with a dental insurance company and agrees to a fee schedule. The dentist is then an in-network provider, and the plan may have no waiting periods and no annual maximum benefit limitations. The reduced costs for dental services are very attractive to customers looking to help defray the high cost of dental procedures. However, some services such as fillings, crowns, implants, and dentures may have limitations.

Participating Provider Network (PPO) – similar to a DHMO because this plan also uses in-network providers. However, you can use out-of-network providers; you’ll just be responsible for any difference in fees. Typically, this type of dental insurance plan has an annual maximum that will require participants to pay for any remaining costs once reached.

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